Postcode 52146 slow LTE Homespot: for weeks every once in a while

  • notly1988

    Hello everybody,

    I do not know in which transmission mast we are logged in here. Are there any cards? The Telekom card says only the direction (the loading takes infinite !!!! at the moment)

    The phenomenon is not consistent, but every few days for hours, but not at regular times of the day. The hardware should work properly.

    I have expected such fluctuations, but these were not available for months at all. We use LTE HOMESPOT since about February 2017.

    Now we went with the LTE receiver to the west (direction Eschweiler / Cologne) on the highway and found that in Eschweiler (ie about 18 km further) the "HOMESPOT" - reception was better (Saturday) than at home in 52146 ...
    Can anyone explain to me?

    We have no way to get DSL here, absolute no-man's-land about 18 km from the RWTH. But rely on the LTE access. Alternatively, only a satellite dish would be conceivable.

    Does anyone know an explanation?
    lg from the pigs in the universe

  • Paul H.

  • Hilfreichste Antwort
  • Hello notly1988,

    no, there seems to be no explanation. The homespot should not work at all 18 km away from it's chaining adress (Nutzungsstandort), let alone work better. I guess the is a mistake in the registered chaining adress, so it would help to correct it. Please contact our customer service: , so that we may help you.

    LG, Paul H.

    Hallo notly1988,

    you did not reply here. Did you find help somewhere else? If yes tell us where and how please. We are always thankful for feedbacks!

    Kindest regards


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