Hi :)

    in addition to @Laura P. just a suggestion: is that a German bank, that is does the IBAN begin with DE? As far as I know only German banks are allowed.

    Regards Ingo

    Yes, the IBAN begins with DE. Bank: N26. I’ve seen some similar problems in this forum searching for N26, but I don’t know if it’s a Bank specific problem or not. All other websites says my IBAN is correct in Germany.


    I’m trying to order a tariff, however the website doesn’t accept my IBAN number: “Dies ist keine gültige IBAN”. If I check my IBAN on other sites, all of them says it’s correct.
    I’ve just opened my Bank account at N26. I didn’t receive my debit card yet, however I’ve already deposited some money into my account.
    Can you help me what’s the problem?