The address is correct but the service doesn't work there.
    You made the the 20Eur change to the same address to see if the issue would be resolved which it didn't.
    I'm just saying that it's unfair to pay the service if I can't use it for the purpouse I bought it for.

    I paid the service for my street but it doesn't work there.

    Hi Patrick,

    Thank you for the clarification on the 70€ invoice.
    But you didn't give me any credit at all.

    I bought the service for my apartment and it didn't work there, you gave me 20€ in credit so you could change the address TO THE SAME I had. And after that I still didn't have service at home.
    The service only worked at my workplace, the first place I tried it.

    As I said, I comprehend about the first invoice, but why should I pay the invoice for november? I didn't receive what I bought.
    I wanted internet at home and after several attempts with the support I never had it.

    Leandro Soares


    In October I registered myself in congstar and bought the Homespot XL. I had to buy a mobile hotspot from somewhere else because the congstar's was out-of-stock.

    When I received both the SIM and the hotspot I was at my workplace and I immediately tried it and it works working perfectly. I went home and tried to connect to the hotspot and it didn't work.

    After many attempts with the support trying to get someone who would speak at least basic English, they told me that I can only use it in a single place and I would have to pay 20Eur to change the device's location.
    I told them that I bought the service for my apartment, not my workplace and the address in the website was correct and the device wasn't working where it was supposed to.
    After this the support made the change to the same address and said to wait up to 24h, which I did and nothing happened.

    After many more attempts with the support I cancelled the service where I was told that I would have to pay October and November.
    Ok, October was fine because I used it a few times at work since I didn't have the chance to use it at home.
    So here starts the strange thing.

    I bought a service for 40Eur/Month with NO DEVICE, I was expecting to pay 40Eur on October, right?
    No, today I just received an invoice for October with the amount of 70Eur.

    This is surreal, so I'm going to pay 70Eur + 40 (Or 70 again?) for a few days of usage?
    Is this a scam?

    I understand that I have to pay the october because i used the service indeed, but 70Eur when I bought the service for 40? And I will have to pay November?
    I'm really tired of all this bullshit.


    I bought the Homespot XL one or two weeks ago and I tried it yesterday for the first time with my new Huawei E5577.
    Everything was fine but it stopped working at night, do I need to unblock the SIM Card or legitimize or something like that?

    Right now I have no internet access through the hotspot.

    Thank you!
    Leandro Soares