Hi Linda and all;
    I have filled your online form for immediate cancellation as I have moved country, but I was on a monthly contract also.
    Hence could you actually stop and refund from may 15 2019 when i left.
    I have sent you my flight ticket in the form and details.
    and my number is: *delete*
    Please confirm to my email address; as I am not always on this forum.
    Thanks - this is in addition to the above refund.

    Hallo Linda und alle anderen;

    Ich habe dein Online-Formular zur sofortigen Kündigung ausgefüllt, da ich ins andere Land gezogen bin, aber ich war auch auf einem Monatsvertrag.

    Folglich könntest du wirklich stoppen und zurückerstatten von 15. Mai 2019, als ich ging.

    Ich habe Ihnen mein Flugticket in Form und Details geschickt.

    und meine Nummer ist: *entfernt*

    Bitte bestätige an meine E-Mail-Adresse, da ich nicht immer in diesem Forum bin.

    Danke - das ist zusätzlich zur oben genannten Rückerstattung.



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    Actually its 37.5euros to refund not 31.5: 'Gesamtsumme Leistungen congstar (exkl. MwSt) 31,51260Seite+ Mehrwertsteuer 19% auf 31,51260 EUR 5,987391 von 2Gesamtbetrag (inkl. MwSt)37,50 EUR' Hence if you can refund this please

    Hi Bea - I have been charged for April and you have taken it from my account when my sim cards were not delivered and received until May 6th.
    Hence you have sent me this bill; I request that you refund the amount - it is not right that you are charging me for a period where I had no sim card provided due to issues with yourselves and DHL.. and you should only be charging me from 6th May:
    Hence my bill of 31.5 euros should be refunded immediately!
    as below:

    Einmalentgelte und Vergünstigungen auf EinmalentgelteBereitstellungspreis congstar Homespot 200 flex 25,21008 19Zwischensumme 25,21008Monatsentgelte und Vergünstigungen auf MonatsentgelteGrundpreis congstar Homespot 200 flex (26.04.2019 - 30.04.2019) 7,70308 1945 EUR statt 55 EUR / Monat (26.04.2019 - 30.04.2019) -1,40056 19Zwischensumme 6,30252Summe Vertrag 317031193 (exkl. MwSt) 31,51260

    Again I did not have my initial sim card and activate it until 6th may - so I do not know why I am being charged for april for no receipt and no service?
    You can email me in English please! Thanks. N

    Hi Max - can someone please call me on my phone! You have sent it to the wrong!!! address.
    My german colleague at work told you and no is listening..
    i have just paid 70+ euros and im getting an awful service..

    Hi i tried to call many times but unfortunately my english is awful and no one speaks english.
    I ordered my homespot sim card but lost it today too: the lady said she won't charge me and she'll send another but i have no confirmation by email.
    Customer number: *delete*
    Please call me on *delete* urgently and send another pls to my work!

    Hi - I live in Friedrichshain (I am new and still learning german so please forgive me).
    I need a congstar home device - 200gigs data - lte.
    I understand the speed is 50 megs max (is that 50 megs / sec or 5meg / s?)

    Anyway, I DO NOT WANT a 24 month contract BUT ONLY! a monthly contract:
    1) How much is a box with 200 gigs data - if I only want A MONTH contract..
    2) Which stores near F'shain (10245, berlin) can i go in today and pick up a box and activate it today?