Hi, thanks for the reply.

    I actually chose to end my contract.
    Though, I've been told that my router lease cannot be ended. Do I really have to pay for 20 more months for a router that 1/ does not work properly and 2 / that I don't use anymore ?


    My minirouter keeps disconnecting, meaning I have to reset it, go on the home page, type my password, my PIN and reactivate the connection. This up to 5 times a day. I have been sending mails since the beginning of my contract to Congstar and they told me:
    1 - Send it to be repaired, which I did
    2 - Try another proxy, which I did

    And beside that, when it's actually working, it's slow that I cannot watch a video on Youtube in 480p.

    Congstar now just keeps repeating those 2 solutions mentionned above over and over, and of course keep charging 30 euros monthly for that non working service.

    So, what can I do ? Just keep paying for not having internet? Any chance I get a refund the few months without a working internet? And any chance to actually have a fix?