Hello Max,

    me and my partner are very grateful that you took this situation in your hands we appreciate your help, truly!

    I wish you were the first person we talked to, we really don´t normally do these reviews, we just got very stressed and frustrated.

    Thank you very much for everything!

    All the best,


    In the last months me and my partner have made the mistake to choose Congstar as our provider.

    We had many issues with their customer service, every time we talked to them, we got mixed information, and they don´t take any responsibilities of their mistakes.

    We are the only one paying for their mistakes!

    My partner was mocked by a manager and their customer service never really apologised to us about the awful situation, we never got treated like that by a customer service in our entire life.

    We sent them email and they don´t address all the questions we asked, ignoring us. The situation is getting frustrating because they don´t give us options or anything to try to make the situation better for us.

    It seems that they don´t care about us. I am sure that most of the people in Congstar are good people and I would not normally write reviews like this. However, they have made our situation even more stressing and they ignore us when we ask questions, only answering what they want.

    I would never ever recommend them to anyone. Because as soon as you deal with the customer service you hear different things all the time.

    All the experience has been frustrating and mentally draining!