SMS über Galaxy Watch kann man verschicken und empfangen. Auch ohne das Telefon. Aber das ist etwas kompliziert. Die meisten Leute mit Smartwatch wollen ja nicht zwei verschiedene Nummern haben. Eine für das Telefon und eine für die Smartwatch. Das heisst die SMS, die sie verschicken wollen, sollen von der Absendernummer des Smartphones kommen und die Watch soll die SMS an das Smartphone bekommen.

    Dass man eine Uhr mit einer eigenen Nummer betreibt ist kein häufiger Anwendungsfall. Aber er ist möglich, wie ich jetzt bei Reddit erfahren habe:…_active_2_lte_standalone/

    Und zwar muss man die Uhr zurücksetzen, nachdem man die eSim eingerichtet hat. Man darf aber nicht die Telefon-Netz-Einstellung zurücksetzen. Da muss man beim Zurücksetzen aufpassen. Damit die eSim nicht verschwindet. Dann beim Einrichten wird man aufgefordert die Smartwatch zu koppeln. Auf Hilfe gehen und dann hat man die Option die Smartwatch im Standalone-Modus einzurichten. Dann geht alles. Später kann man wohl sogar noch koppeln, aber damit wäre ich vorsichtig.

    I need to do a better writeup of this, but the short version would read as...

    The watch is a Samsung Galaxy Active 2 LTE... (eSIM from The handset is a Samdung A40 with a separate pay as go sim from

    The starting point is that I had my eSIM installed and the watch paired with a Samsung A40. All good except phone reported high temp during phone calls over LTE and would go into Flight mode and SMS's associated with the eSIM number were neither received or able to be sent...

    So I decided to Initiate a reset via the watch. 1st point is you are offered the option to reset the mobile network options prior to the watch reset, this option I did not do, since I wanted to maintain the eSIM registration as it would have been very long winded to reinstall.

    So the reset went well, it looked and felt like a factory reset but the eSIM was maintained.

    After the watch was repowered it started just like it was out of the box with prompts for language and pairing a phone. This time around I elected to not pair the watch and I setup in standalone mode... all went very well and I also connected to my home WiFi.

    If an eSIM isn't previously installed at this point, I'm not sure what the options are or how an eSIM would be installed without a paired handset? Since my eSIM profile is delivered via a hard copy QR code in the post and since there is no camera on the watch that couldn't be utilised. Maybe there is an equivalent code that could be typed in? But it's not something I have looked into.

    After the initial setup prior to any updates I checked the eSIM functionality and calls made & received OK (but I didn't check for over heating on longer calls) and this time around sms's were sent and received all OK via the number associated with the eSIM... this was a very pleasant surprise but I'm sure the Samsung detail online suggested this wouldn't possible.

    At this point I was able to go to my eSIM providers ( online portal and verify my account with a code sent via SMS, something I wasn't able to do previously.

    Not surprisingly the watch is a little hobbled by not being paired, for me the main drawback in this mode is the loss of the SOS call and message options, which would appear to not be offered in any form when not paired to a handset. The Galaxy App Store interface for watch apps is also very limited, you really need to know what you want as the search options are very limited and I guess a lot of the apps require a paired handset.

    However If you choose the standalone route for initial setup, it is very straightforward afterwards to pair a handset but beware after pairing I don't think there is a way to unpair a handset without doing the full reset? But now I think about this I'm not sure what effect there would be from just uninstalling the Samsung Wearable app from the handset?

    So I then preceded to uninstall & reinstall the Samsung Wearable app on the A40 and to pair the watch again with this handset. All went very well, it did take a while since there were lots of updates to be done on the watch, Which were not offered while it was unpaired in standalone mode.

    After the setup was finished from the pairing I proceed to retest the eSIM functionality and I pleased to say the watch is still able to send and receive sms's via the eSIM. But I will say I don't have any say on which network the sms are sent via ie O2 on the handset or Tekekom on the watch? But positively, regardless if the pairing with the handset is active, all sms sent to the eSIM number are now received and the the watch itself does identify whether an sms has come through the handset or the watch. I previously and still do now, have the watch mobile network set as always active regardless of the status of the paired handset.

    So currently in a relatively good place with this watch, I will do more testing since I don't plan to have the handset pair active, in fact the handset is a spare and will remain unpowered. Though I think in order to track the watch position or find it, are only possible via the paired handset?

    So far this is setup is not too expensive the eSIM is a €5/monthly tariff with a 1 month minimum term and 500Mb/month which would appear to be adequate for the watch to operate with when away from home. The only gripe would be that this eSIM doesn't support FDN (fixed dialing numbers)



    Hallo zusammen,

    ich habe eine Samsung Galaxy Active 2 SM-R825F, welche über ein LTE-Modul verfügt. Grundsätzlich sollte der SMS-Empfang möglich sein. Die eSim ist drin und funktioniert, sobald ich das Handy, mit dem die Uhr zusammenhängt, kann ich auch mit der Uhr telefonieren. Nur der SMS-Versand und der SMS-Empfang will nur funktionieren, wenn ich ein Handy verbinde. Da ich ihm Handy gar keine Sim habe, geht damit gar nichts.

    Ich habe im Internet gelesen, dass der Netzbetreiber das Profil der Uhr umstellen kann und dann direkt über die Uhr SMS-Empfang und SMS-Versand möglich sein soll. Geht das bei Congstar? Denn ich verwende ja die Uhr alleinstehend mit dem Congstar-Vertrag.

    Erschwerend kommt hinzu, dass ich Disney+ auf den Vertrag gebucht habe, das aber nicht nutzen kann, da ich keine SMS empfangen kann, solange das nicht geht. Ich würde mich da sehr über Hilfe freuen. Danke :)