• gelöschter Benutzer

    Please help, I am completely stuck

      I am from Belgium and have bought a Congstar surfstick to be on internet while traveling in Germany. First problem was that when I activated my SIM card by phone, I never got a confirmation e-mail with my Kundenummer. Probably because the person on the phone did not take note correctly of my e-mail address. Second problem was that the surfstick did not work, my PC gave an error message stating that operating software for the stick was missing. I downloaded a software package from the Congstar website, but that did not help. Also the Internet Manager from the surfstick did not download to my PC. I called the helpdesk but they could not help me either, they asked me to wait while they looked for further information and then in the end the line was cut. Also when I called a second time, the line was cut. Then I put the SIM card in my handy and then I could use my handy as personal hotspot and surf on internet for 4 days because the prepaid card gives 4 days for free. Then I bought a reaload card for 30 Euro but the second and third digit of the cash code were not readable due to bad printing quality. So, I called the helpdesk, but for 25 minutes I heard the message that all lines were busy. I tried to logon to MeinCongstar for help, but as I do not have my Kundennummer this is impossible... I also want to change my account to monthly rate (Surf Flat Option 1000) instead of daily rate, but I cannot, as I do not get access to my account on MeinCongstar without the Kundenummer. I am quite desparate now... Up to now I have spent 60 Euro and I was only able to surf for 4 days. Can someone please help me !!

    • gelöschter Benutzer

      Thanks. I will go back to the shop.

      What about my other questions: where can I find my Kundenummer; how can I get the Internet Manager; I would like to switch to Surf Flat Option 1000

    • Hey,

      sorry for forgetting about the other questions. Please go in the Support Chat (speech bubble in the top). The Supporters can help you with your requests, its not possible to do it here in the forum. They'll ask you about some sensitiv datas, then they'll configure your meincongstar-account with you.

      Florian F.