credit problem

  • aphex997


    I've bought a new
    prepaid sim card week ago (!) and I've activated the link and then
    congstar sms that my number is in function, but I still can't make
    any calls/sms/surf?? I bought a sim card with 10euro
    credit(min100/sms300/surf300) and I can see on the website that my
    credit is "activated" but it seems that actually is not. I've checked
    every possible function in my phone and it seems there isn´t anything
    that could cause a problem.
    Please, what should I do??

    Thank you

  • Adrian P.

  • Hilfreichste Antwort
  • Hello aphex997,

    welcome in our forum :thumbup:

    Please exchange your email address here in the forum with you provided in your congstar data .
    Only then will we be able to see in your data and see what is going on.

    Thank you.