Allnet Flat with 2GB offer!


    I have recently got a new number with congstar Allnet Flat Flex as per the advertised offer, However, it has been activated with 1GB only despite what advertised with the offer of 2GB! So I am just wondering why this happen!

    Please advise.

    Thanks in advance

  • Adrian P.

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  • Hello astan,

    you had made a tariff change . Therefore, there are only 2 GB with the Allnet Plus or with the Allnet with Turbo.
    The offer of 20 euros for 2 GB is only for new customers.

    I'm sorry , I can not give you a better answer.


    No, I had a totally new number. The one with change is an old one I totally understand. But this is a new! and should be treated as a new number. *It has been activated only yesterday. please double check!

  • Adrian P.

    Hello astan,

    yes i see it.
    But the offer applies only when you may contract for 24 months . That does not apply to Flex .