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      I was Congstar customers, and my contract number [Vertragsnummer gelöscht] is already Resigned.
      I bought the new SIM card from ALDI Takl and I want to take my Congstar number.
      Is it possible the old Congstar to point to the new ALDI Talk SIM card transfer? If so, what should I do?
      thank you

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    • Hi ichsprecheenglisch und welcome to our message board!

      After your contract was cancelled you can automatically bring your number to your new provider.
      In order to do so, contact your new provider and tell them that your contract with us is already cancelled and that you wish to take your number with you.

      As soon as Aldi Talk asked for your number and we confirmed the request you'll be charged 24,99 EUR.

      Please don't post any personal data like your contract number here, since this is a public message board.

      Best regards,