Queries after recharging online

  • vikramvi

    Queries after recharging online

      Dear Team,

      I was online for 30 Euro for my prepaid mobile but this amount is not deducted from my bank and still I can see credit of 30 Euro under " https://www.congstar.de/mycongstar/ "

      1. please clarify this credit issue

      2. Even after this credit, my account is not deducted monthly charges, please clarify this as well.

      3. How can I view 6 month's bills?

      Thanks & Regards,

    • Paul H.

    • Hilfreichste Antwort
    • Dear vikram,

      it's not ununsual, that the amount of money is deducted from the customer's bank with a delay of a few days. In you case the 30 € wil be deducted today.
      A mothly charging of your prepaid balance can easily be arranged in your meincongstar Kundencenter (your customer self care center: mycongstar ), or if you prefer via our support service (E-Mail, Chat) support service . If you want to use your customer selfcare center, you can arrange it here: Meine Produkte >> bearbeiten >> Guthaben aufladen >> monatlich automatisch aufladen . "Monatlich automatisch aufladen" means that the amount of money you choose will be monthly deducted for the balance of your prepaid tariff.
      Unfortunately it's not possible to get any bills for prepaid tariffs, because it is only an exchange of money in credit, in which no sales tax is incurred.

      Kind regards,
      Paul H.

    • vikramvi

      Hi Paul,

      Thanks for detailed info, few last queries

      1. Current balance in my account is 31.11 ( after recharge of 30 Euro last week )
      2. But there is no deduction of 4 euros from this for the month of may, please clarify why?
      3. Per my understanding my billing cycle is starting every month till its end right?

      Thanks in advance.


    • Lorenz N.

      Dear vikram,

      like schlingo said, Prepaid contracts run for 30 days. The cost of your "Minuten Option" will be deducted on the 5th of June, and the cost of your "Surf Flat Option" will be deducted on the following day.

      Kind regards,