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      Hallo Congstar Team!

      My German is not yet that good, therefore I am writing this inquiry in English. On 22.06.2017, I applied for congstar wie ich will tariff with a handy. And yesterday, 26.06.2017, I checked my Girokonto and saw that the transaction from your cannot be completed because of the insufficient fund in my account. Today I am going to make a transfer to that account so that the payment could be made. Once I have enough balance in my Giro account, do I need to contact you or does it go automatically?


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    • Hello jantigercat85,

      at the moment the system is on hold untill the 29 of June. At this date the system will validate if the transaction was successful and haven't been cancelled by your bank. Unfortunaly the transaction was not successful and your order will automatically be canceled. As soon as you receive the information of the cancelation via e-mail, you can place a new order. Due to the first unccessful placement, it is possible that your new order will be automatically rejected. In this case, please answer to that rejection mail and write that you want to place a new order and need to be unlocked.


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    • Vielen Dank for the quick response. I will be following your instructions. As with the re-ordering after the cancellation, do I keep the handy number I chose from the first order do I keep the previous? Am I also allowed to chose another tarif/handy when re-ordering?


    • Hi Jan,

      did you choose a "Goldrufnummer" or did you order a number transfer (your old number at your old provider transferred to us)?

      Usually your new order wil be a completely new one, so there will be a new number and you'll be able to choose another cellphone as well.

      Kim S. :)

    • Hallo Kim S.,

      Thank you for the quick response. No, I didn't choose the Goldrufnummer neither the number transfer. I will see tomorrow if I get in my email as cancellation of the previous order and then apply once again.


      P.S. Your customer service is really, really awesome by the way!