Getting started with congstar

    So you've ordered a brand new congstar Tariff - what now?

    No worries, in this article we will give you an overview of what you can do with congstar and what you should be aware of.

    App and meincongstar customer center

    The congstar App provides you with a summary of how much Data and free minutes you've already used up. (You can find it in the Playstore or App Store) In the meincongstar customer center you can find the same summary. Tariff alternations or Tariff Options can be booked in both as well, without needing to contact customer service.

    You'll get the login data via email, shortly after your order has been processed.


    An even easier overview is provided by our Widget. Right at the top of your screen it shows your current usage, without you needing to open the App.

    To install the Widget, first download the App if you haven't already done so. Log in with your data. Then press your finger on the screen of your phone and hold it there until a menu pops up. Choose "Widgets" and then scroll until you find the congstar Widget. If you've done that you can now place it on your screen where you want it.


    You can listen to messages on your mailbox with the following numbers:

    3311 for postpaid contracts

    4712 for prepaid tariffs

    important GSM-Codes

    GSM-Codes are functions to change settings on your phone quickly, or to get an information without having to go through a long menu first. Just type in the code as you would a phone number to call someone, then click the green button.

    The most important GSM-Codes to get started are listed here:

    Your own phone number: *135#

    Call forwarding when you don't answer (15 seconds): **61*your Phone number#

    Current Prepaid Credit: *100#

    You can find a complete list (in german) here.

    Prepaid credit

    There are a few different ways to get credit for your prepaid card. You can buy a Cash Code in a shop or a gas station, you can book money directly from your bank account, or you can set up an automatic interval to book money from your bank account.

    When you buy a Cash Code you will get a receipt with all the information you need. You just enter *101*Code# into your phone and press the green button. The code is on the receipt and should have thirteen digits.

    To connect your bank account to your prepaid card, open the App and click on "Guthaben aufladen". Then you should have three options. Choose "Sofort-Aufladung", then you should be able to connect your bank account.

    To set up an automatic interval, go to the website of our partner Alphacomm. (website is in german)

    understanding your bill in postpaid tariffs

    With a postpaid contract you will receive a bill from us every month. The bill will list the costs from the month before. For example: You will get the bill for January in February, the bill for February in March, and so on.

    A notice that your bill has been finalized, will be sent to your email account. The detailed bill can be downloaded via the meincongstar customer center.

    You should always look at all pages of the bill! Especially if the sum of the costs is suddenly higher than usual.

    Third Party block

    If you want to block unwanted costs, like for example in-game purchases or phone numbers that have higher minute prices, you can do so by requesting a third party block ("Drittanbietersperre" in german). Either you can contact the customer service, or you can set the block yourself via the meincongstar customer center. To do that, log in and then click on "meine Produkte" in the upper left corner. If necessary, choose the right phone number, then press the "+" symbol in front of "SIM-Karte tauschen & sperren". A menu should appear, from which you can choose "zur SIM-Kartensperrung", then click on "Sperren bearbeiten". After that you can choose if you want to set a third party block (Drittanbietersperre) or a block for 0190 or 0900 phone numbers. When you have done so, hit "bestätigen" and you're finished.

    Of course you can also delete the block any time if you decide that you want to purchase something in an App afterall.

    Options and tariff alterations

    Options, like data flatrates and free minutes can be booked for your tariff, depending of course on the type of tariff you have chosen. You can either contact customer service to book these, or you can do it yourself via the App or the meincongstar customer center. To do this you open the menu and click on "Optionen", there you should see a list you can choose from.

    If you're unhappy with your current tariff you can switch to a new one, provided the run-time of your current tariff has expired, or didn't have one to begin with. This is also something you can do in the App or the meincongstar customer center. Just choose "Tarifwechsel" from the menu and browse the suggested tariffs until you've found one you like.


    You're going abroad on holiday? No problem, you can still use your congstar tariff. Inside the EU there's no change in price, you can use your data and free minutes/free text messages normally. Outside the EU you need to book a data pass for either a day or a week, to be able to use the internet. Usually your phone will show you the options automatically once you enter the foreign network. If not, open Minutes and text messages will cost more, depending on the country. Here we have a handy roaming-calculator.

    Attention: Calls from Germany to other countries are not categorized as roaming, so even if you call an EU country, there will be higher costs!

    how can I contact the customer Service?

    If you have a question that wasn't answered in this article, you can contact our award-winning customer service. We're always happy to help!

    Hotline: 0221 79 700 700




    Contact form

    And of course you can also post your questions here in our Forum :) .

    I apologize for any mistakes in grammar, english is my second language. So if you have any suggestions to make this article better, or you want to correct errors, please do so!

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